Aaron Andrews

name Aaron Andrews is a lifelong user of tanning beds. After working in tanning salons since the mid-1980's, he started working for a tanning bed manufacturer and supply company. He now writes tanning tips articles about his experiences to help you make the best tanning decisions. Aaron operates TanIndoors.com - a site dedicated to improving your indoor tanning experience.

Avoiding Tan Lines from the Tanning Bed

27th March 2009
Tanning salons were a huge fad in the mid-80's, immediately after being introduced by Fredrich Wolff in the late 1970's. Today, tanning beds are not as trendy as a few years back, now that the danger of melanoma (aka skin cancer) has spooked the largest p... Read >

Tanning Booth How-To

01st November 2007
Indoor tanning spas became all the rage in the mid-1980's, just after Fredrich Wolff introduced the concept in 1978. These days, tanning salons are not as fashionable as a few years back, now that the threat of melanoma also known as skin cancer has virtu... Read >